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Sleeveless Hoodie Full Zip by Southpole

The full zip sleeveless hoodie by Southpole is a bright, vibrant, and stylish hoodie for those looking to wear more than a plain top for lounging or working out. This sleeveless hoodie is meant to be seen and showed off!

Southpole’s hoody has block colors in a red and white pattern as well as drawstrings (that match the hood) and front pockets with white lining. The front pockets are a great addition to this top – sleeveless hoodies that are missing this feature are just not quite as useful or fully functional as those that include the front pocket option.


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N2N Supersoft Sleeveless Hoodie

The N2N Supersoft Navy Blue Sleeveless Hoodie is a great lightweight top for a variety of situations; working out, a day at the beach, or lounging around the house are all great uses for this super comfortable and lightweight sleeveless hoodie.

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Black Pinstripe Sleeveless Hooded Vest

This black pinstripe sleeveless hooded vest is a stylish interpretation of the standard vest. Sporting black pinstripes, 4 buttons, and  front pockets, along with a hood, this faux sleeveless hoodie has its own style and is very comfortable as well.

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California Fleece Sleeveless Zip Hoody

This classic looking sleeveless hoodie by American Apparel features a classic look that is available as both a men’s and women’s model (unisex). When you think of classic sleeveless hoodie this is the one – a basic and minimal look that has what you need and no more.

As the name implies, the American Apparel California sleeveless zip hoodie has a front zipper – it is a full zip, not a 1/2 or 3/4 zip pullover. This zip hoodie has front pockets on either side of the zip in addition to a draw string (white) for the hood of the garment.

Price: $38.00  amazon buy now sleeveless hoodie

When you want a functional and basic sleeveless hoodie this is one that you should look to buy. The sleeveless layer of fleece is perfect for layering when planning for changing weather, or just to keep warm on a cooler day or evening while outside. Staying indoors? No problem – the comfortable fleece of this hoodie will keep you warm and snug while you relax.

In addition to the blue fleece hoodie pictured, the American Apparel sleeveless zip hoodie is available in:

This sleeveless hoodie is great for both men and women and can fill a general role; lounging, relaxing, working out, or getting some actual work done outdoors. The fleece will keep you warm, the pockets are functional and useful, and the full front zipper allow you to easily regulate temperature and the look. Overall a great sleeveless hoodie.


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Sleeveless Hoodie by Fighting Sports

When you want to keep your torso warm and get your body ready for a workout, you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the task. The Fighting Sports sleeveless hoodie is another good pick for keeping your body warm while allowing all of the movement and range of motion that you need.

Price: $30.57  amazon buy now sleeveless hoodie

The Fighting Sports sleeveless hoodie is 100 percent cotton and comes in a variety of colors (white, gray, and black). Additionally, the hoodie has a  terry lining for more comfort than your run of the mill warm up top. The sleeves and hoods have minor accents and are well constructed and stitched. The drawstring is wide and not too long, helping to keep it out of the way and not a nuisance when you are moving around.

Freedom of movement is what this hoodie is all about, extra room in the shoulders gaurantee that you have a full range of motion – important if you are using this as a warm up top for boxing, MMA, or other sports where you value upper body movement.

Done working out? This is a great pick for staying warm and comfortable as well. With the nice terry lining and the cotton fabric you will be happy with your choice of tops with the Fighting Sports sleeveless hoodie.

Sizes available at include:

Interested in other Fighting Sports products? Check them out here.



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Cat Animal Hoodie Hat Faux Fur

Looking for something off the beaten path? How about a cat hoodie top that is actually 3 things in 1? This Hoodie Hat with faux fur is a black cat hat that has long “paws” that double as mittens! Not only does this hoodie hat have mittens but it also has a built in scarf.

The fur is, as mentioned, not real and no animals were used to make this hoodie hat.

Price: 24.45 amazon buy now sleeveless hoodie

If you are looking for a great halloween ensemble that can also be used on other days of the year this is one that you should really consider. The black cat animal hoodie hat makes a great costume by itself or you can go further and work on a total outfit. When you are done with it as a costume you can wear it as a quirky outfit piece that will keep your head, neck, and hands warm throughout the fall, winter, and spring.

Many buyers have noted that the mittens are at a great length – you don’t have to raise your arms or place them at an awkward angle. The hat is lined with the faux fur and has a great comfortable feel and fit – one size fits most adults and teens. The interior of the hoodie hat is fleece lined and has a great feel to it – just like a comfortable fleece sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants.

If you are looking for other types of hoodie hats like these, there are many types available:

This is just a few of the types available. For even more animal hoodies, click here.

These hoodie hats offer a great value for the price and are produced with high quality. Whether you are looking for a Halloween outfit or just want something to keep your head, neck, and arms warm with while doing it in style you should consider these animal hoodie hats.


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N2N Malestrom Sleeveless Trainer Hoodie

Are you looking for a sleek hoodie for training, sports, or just want something lightweight and comfortable while out and about? The N2n Malestrom sleeveless hoodie has got you covered – the lightweight material and design ensures that you won’t be overheating and makes for an incredibly comfortable wear. Paired with the deep black body color along with the yellow trim on this sleeveless hoodie and you have an all around great top.

The N2N trainer hoodie includes a drawstring in the same color and tone as the trim – a bold yellow. This is a feature that is lacking in some other hoodies and can come in handy when you really want to keep warm during or after a workout, or maybe when you are outside and the wind picks up.

Perfect for a wide range of activities, the N2N Malestrom hoodie is lightweight enough to bring to the beach for some sun cover but protection enough for heading home from the gym on a cool day. Whether you are thinking of an athletic use or just want a comfortable lounging top you can’t go wrong with this hoodie.

Price: $43.00 amazon buy now sleeveless hoodie

The N2N sleeveless hoodie is available now on Looking for other colors? Check out more designs here. If you are looking for a heavier material and need something thicker, check out the Title MMA sleeveless hoodie. Which style do you prefer in a sleeveless hoodie – lightweight or heavier?

The manufacture of the N2N trainer is high quality – double stitching around the collar, sleeves, and other areas ensure that the hoodie is a long lasting garment that will stand up to the uses you need it to last for. The length of the sides, from the bottom of the sleeve opening to the bottom of the double stitched hem, is 19 inches. More specs can be seen here.

Overall, if you want a high quality and lightweight sleeveless hoodie for workouts, lounging, or anything in between, the N2N Malestrom is a great pick.



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Title MMA Sleeveless Hoodie

In need of a good sleeveless hoodie for working out? Want a hoodie that won’t restrict your movements and will let your skin breathe while absorbing the sweat from your workout? This Title MMA sleeveless hoodie does all that for $29.99.

This basic workout hoodie comes in several colors and has the logo as featured in the picture. If you are interested in MMA and need something more than a tshirt this could really come in handy. Another great use for this one is as a warm up layer.

In addition to the black color shown, this hoodie comes in:

The Title sleeveless hoodie is also lined with a french terry liner to give it a smoother finish and more comfortable fit. Some reviewers have noted that the stitching could be higher quality, but that the hoodie stood up to their uses and workouts. Read more reviews here.

Several sizes are available: M, L, XL, and XXL.

Remember to keep in mind that you might want extra room in a sleeveless hoodie that is going to be used for workouts. If you will be wearing clothing underneath you will likely want to order at least a size larger than what you would normally wear.

Interested in more MMA gear? Check out gloves, wraps, shirts, and more here.



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Zumba Women’s Sleeveless Hoodie

Interested in a sleeveless hoodie with a little extra? The Zumba women’s sleeveless hoodie has a nice look from the front – a basic and non-distracting grey; turn it around and it has a really nice tribal graphic across the hood (as seen in the picture).

This women’s hoodie comes with a nice front style that has a lower hanging neckline, wide arm holes, and lined pockets on the front sides. Additionally, the back side features a narrower shoulder area that is great for allowing full movement and uninhibited rotation of your arms while moving or exercising. Traditional sleeveless hoodies may not allow for the full range of movement that is desired while performing a workout. Keep this in mind when choosing a hoodie that will be used for activities.

Zumba’s hoodie features flat stitching in a neon accent, this type of construction means that you won’t be irritated by seams that raise up high above the fabric. The stitching, and the edging of the front pockets, and bright but not overly so.

Reviews indicate that it tends to run on the fitted side, you may want to consider ordering a size larger – depending on what your use is for. This sleeveless hoodie would be great for walking, working out, or just wearing around the house.

This fantastic hoodie sells on for $30.00.

amazon buy now sleeveless hoodie



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American Apparel Basic Sleeveless Hoodie

Looking for a basic sleeveless hoodie that can work as a plain top or be combined for a night out? This American Apparel sleeveless hoodie can do both. With a zip up front, drawstrings on the hood, and an elastic waist, this sleeveless hoodie has it all. Read the full info here.

The American Apparel hoody has a textured from that really differentiates it from the other sleeveless hoodies out there. While keeping the basic styles the same, it manages to bump the style up a notch without being ostentatious.

There are hand pockets located on the front of the hoodie, these really come in handy and will be missed if you purchase a hoodie that does not have them. Perfect for the cold night or for an extra holder these pockets are a great addition to the American Apparel sleeveless hoodie.

In addition to the original color shown in the picture, this hoodie is also available in two more colors:

Overall, if you are looking for a great hoodie for all occasions you should consider the American Apparel sleeveless hoodie. The design, colors, zippered front, and pockets, combine to make a great addition to any wardrobe. If you are looking for a little something outside the ordinary for a night out, or want to keep warm this fall, grab this sleeveless hoodie. Available now on
Price: 42.00  amazon buy now sleeveless hoodie



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